Methodist Men


The purpose of these monthly contributions to our newsletter has, from the beginning, been to showcase some of the happenings and events around the church that those who are personally involved see as routine and perhaps not particularly noteworthy but outside the participants themselves, others likely know little of those activities. The thought was it might be interesting to share various "goings-on" with the broader church body just in the interest of communication.  By 2018 our Methodist Men's organization had gone from a robust group of dedicated men that met monthly for a noon meeting with a meal furnished by one of its members, to a formal program and a varying agenda of service spanning such diverse projects as furnishing and putting up a new sign at the Methodist Children's home ranch outside of Waco to participating in the Mills, San Saba and Lampasas county tri-county quarterly night meetings at Goldthwaite, Lometa, Bend or Lampasas to a loose group of men that came together only to continue the tradition of hosting an annual deer hunt for selected kids from the Waco Methodist Children's Home. The decline was due among other things to the dying off of the older members and the changes in times that made it increasingly difficult for our men to find time for noon meetings.

In the fall of 2018, Pastor Alsbrooks announced that we would be having a men's breakfast meeting at Mary's Cafe on an upcoming Thursday morning. About a dozen men showed up for that meeting, a couple of officers were chosen and our current version of the Methodist Men was initiated. The underlying thought was that if we could meet early, avoid the hassle of having to prepare our own breakfast and then clean up afterward, have the devotion to be provided by one of the members on a rotational basis, and enjoy a time of good Christian fellowship it would be something to look forward to.  Now, some two years hence, our numbers have remained steady and the enthusiasm and camaraderie of the group are unwavering. Concerns for the well-being of all our church members and the events of the church are regular topics that are shared openly. Projects are planned and implemented. Likely one of the most unusual and interesting aspects of the group is the diversity of backgrounds that the members bring to the table and the insights on topics such as the thoughts that the devotions bring to mind that are aired as a result of those varied backgrounds. Simply put...we enjoy each other's company!  Pastor Ewertt, our second spiritual director, an avowed non-morning person, doesn't miss a meeting and is an enthusiastic contributor to our discussions and devotions. Rev. Tim Birkner, the Star/Center City Pastor is also a regular and special addition to our group.

So, fellow parishioners, that is our story. Hopefully, other men will be encouraged to show up at Mary's Cafe at 7 AM on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month to sample Mary's good food and our fellowship and good times. We would love to have you!