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Annual Deer Hunt

     On Saturday, December 8, 2018 the men’s group will host their annual deer hunt for selected kids from the Methodist Children’s Home in Waco. The older children vie for the chance to come to the hunt which traditionally has been a highlight of their year and something they strive to qualify for throughout the year.

    Typically we will host up to 15 youth, both girls and boys, for a supervised deer hunt. Local land owners and deer lease owners provide the ranch sites for the hunt. The kids show up around 11:30 AM, are fed a BBQ lunch then listen to a talk by our local game warden about safety and other aspects of the hunt. They are then paired with their guide, given further hands-on instruction on the use of the deer rifle that they will use and specific instruction about where they will hunt and what they will be allowed to shoot. They leave our church with the guides and with their pockets stuffed with home made cookies and their head full of visions of a successful hunt.

    After the hunt, the kids  are delivered to the Methodist Church in Star for a chili supper and a chance to compare results with the rest of the hunters and perhaps even show a little bit of girls vs boys hunt result smugness.

    Tommy Head, as is his custom, will arrange the hunt sites and guides and make sure all is in order with the meal and other provisions.

    As is our custom also, we men would appreciate help with the cookies for the hunt. If you can supply cookies, please have them delivered to the Family Life Center by 11 AM on December 8 so we can place some on the lunch serving table, plus put some in baggies for the kids to take on the hunt.  They really enjoy and appreciate them.

Jerry Priddy