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The Refuge
The following is an important update on The Refuge Ranch, the new facility near Bastrop which is now the "home" for sex trafficked girls as they recover and begin their lives anew. The UMW has supported this organization and wants our church family to hear about it now that it is open.

Brooke Crowder, Founder & CEO, sent the following message:
I am happy to report that our first two girls have arrived and are living and resting at The Refuge Ranch! They've picked out and decorated their rooms. They've started school, played basketball, drank coffee on the front porch swing with their house mothers, watched movies in their cottages, played board games and invited staff for dinners that they helped plan and prepare. Their daily reports, lovingly and meticulously written at the end of each day by the Direct Care Team at The Refuge Ranch, reflect two young girls who feel safe but also apprehensive about the journey ahead.

We know that what's ahead for these first two girls and future residents will be challenging as they work hard to recover and overcome their trauma. However, I'm confident all the girls living at The Refuge Ranch will be well cared for. In the past six months, we've hired 17 new employees who are now carrying out the day-to-day direct care for these young survivors. We have had opportunity to hire the very best therapeutic staff and I am so grateful.

As The Refuge for DMST transitions from an organization that has a dream, a plan, and a God-given blueprint to build, to one that is implementing that dream and those plans to change the lives of many girls, most likely hundreds, in the years to come, our mantra is:  There is no rescue without restoration.

We've entered the next season of our organizational purpose: to encircle girls with love and age-appropriate developmental programs and therapies as they work hard to rebuild their lives and restore their hearts, bodies and minds so they can live the life they were intended to live.

Thank you for your partnership to date. I hope you will continue to partner with us and help us make The Refuge Ranch a place of rest and restoration.