Bible Study

Bible Study

Rev. John Alsbrooks, Pastor

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Jail Ministry -- Is God Calling You?

 Our church joined the Goldthwaite jail ministry program last year by having both a male and a female group going on Tuesday evenings during January and February. We would like to do that again in 2019.

Each session is for one hour with the women's meeting beginning at 7:00 and the men's at 8:00. (The women were usually late in closing but we will make a new year's resolution to close on time in 2019.)  The groups consist of a leader and several others who meet with the incarcerated individuals who wish to come. The leader selects a passage from the Bible which the group reads and discusses. 

We meet to share the word of God and to share our understanding of that word. We are not there to become personal friends or to participate in their legal activities. It is an attempt to help those in trouble find the relationship with God that they need to deal with their trouble and find a way forward.  Please consider making this mission a part of your weekly commitment to God.

If you have questions or are willing to join us, please call me at 325-938-5684 or call the church office.

Barbara Hood

Lay Leader

Please consider joining the Bible Study at the Law Enforcement Center. Women will meet at 6:30 p.m. and men will meet at 7:30 p.m. Hope to see you there!!

January, February: First United Methodist Church

March, April:  Evangelism Center

May, June:  Star Methodist

July, August:  First Baptist,

September, October:  Western Heritage

November, December: Fellowship Baptist